Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hunter-Gathering in Practice

I (Susan) have not done the preparation I should for this day's post; but today I have actually been hunter-gathering, and I offer it up as an example of how it works, and how painless it can be.

I had 45 minutes to kill before an appointment, and so I went to one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx. I hate the name (sounds like an 80s hair band) but I love poking around there. As a place to go to find a specific item (ie: shoes to match an outfit, matching sheets or towels) it is worthless, but as a place to find surprises and unexpected treasures, it can be an absolute boon for hunter-gathering. And it can be very cheap!

Today, I came across a real find - children's board books by Sandra Boynton. For anyone who has ever read books to small children, anything by Sandra Boynton is a godsend. She writes such funny and most importantly, re-re-re-READABLE books, that they are a marvelous gift for baby showers or birthday presents for kids under 3. They retail for $7.99, but they had a half-dozen titles for sale at $3.99 each. So I stockpiled - I bought 6, which I will tuck away in my gift drawer for future baby gifts. 3 friends are having babies this year, so I'll probably give each 2, at only $8 a pop. These are a favorite gift of mine, and I have had to buy them at full retail too many times before when I needed a gift for a shower the next day.

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